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Different facilities like computer lab, library, smart interactive classes, beautiful and safe playground and multiple intelligence clubs are provided to our students for overall development.



Students taking up Computer as an activity are taught to work on software that is beyond the school’s basic curriculum. Students work on photo editing software, learn to create beautiful presentations, work with animation software.



Library is a place where students can read if they are greedy for knowledge. Different kinds of books according to interests of students are provided to enhance their reading skills and vocabulary as well with the help of well trained teachers.


Intelligence Clubs

Multiple Intelligence Clubs are provided to our students in accordance to the intrests and capabilities of students. Literary club- to enhance english speaking skills through different activities like extempore, story narration, grammar puzzles. cultural club, art & craft Club, mathematics, Hindi ,Social studies, Science, wellness and music club are there in our school for development of skills hidden in kids.


Smart Class

Smart class, a comprehensive solution designed to provide teachers with an instant access to multimedia content and instruction material mapped exactly to specific curriculum guidelines for use in class. M. P. Middle School has smart class rooms equipped with Interactive Board, Sound System and projectors. The rooms with an uninterrupted power supply and internet make learning an enjoyable experience for students & teachers. It also simplifies the problems of teaching abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize or relate through the provision of three dimensional and interactive multimedia modules.

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